Lifestyle Portraiture

Lifestyle or environmental portraiture will capture your precious moment in time.  Beautifully presented in stunning handmade frames or albums. My innovative photoshoot, exceptional photography and first class customer service continues to redefine family photography, creating lasting memories for generations to come.

A lifestyle portrait session is the best way to mark a special occasion or to give as a gift.

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

Why should I have a portrait taken?
As I said above a portrait session is the best way to remember a special moment, be it a new addition to your family, a special occasion or most importantly the feeling you get when you look at your child or partner and it touches you with a feeling of love, warmth and pride. As a portrait photographer it is my wish to remind you of these feelings on a daily basis.

People tell me they have been subjected to hard sell tactics by other photographers?
I think this is unacceptable and not how I want to be perceived.  I have products for all tastes and budgets. Many of my clients have been coming back for over 15 years.  It's my wish I will become a friend and remain your family photographer for many years.

What should we wear?
I always suggest you keep colours simple, pastels work well, avoid strong patterns such as checks and polka dots This allows your expressions to stand out and avoids distractions and creates a more timeless portrait.

Where would our portraits be taken?
I would either come to your home or we would go to a chosen location.  I love using our environment, working with natural light and relaxed settings is much more comfortable.

How long will our Portrait session last?
How ever long it lasts!  My goal is to exceed your every expectation.  I want you to hang your portrait for all to see and feel proud of it.  My photography is all about quality,  I don't limit the time it takes, however an hour or two is usually sufficient, this can be less if young children are involved as their attention span does not so long.

What if it rains or the weather is bad?
It happens sometimes, don't worry we can reschedule. Or if you prefer we can get the wellies and brollies out!

When do we choose our portraits?
I would normally make an appointment with you for the week following when I would come to your house for you to view your images either on my Lap top or we can plug it into your television. I think it would be rather lazy of me to simply put them online and leave you to get on with it, especially as there are so many details to consider and explain in choosing your portrait.

Can you sell me a disc?
Anything is possible! As a photographer I always prefer to sell a finished product which is ready to hang on your wall rather than living in an iPad! However if you want electronic copies I can sell individual images which have been retouched to printable quality.

My children have a bug! Can we rearrange?
Sure, this happens, don't worry.

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