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After photographing my first wedding commission way back in 1986, you would be forgiven for thinking I maybe a little jaded!  Personally I have found each new season to be more exciting and fulfilling than the previous.  Digital technology has opened the door to many a budding photographers (some better than others), so the challenge is always there not only produce work which is to the best of my ability but also to continually look for ways to improve my style.

I wouldn’t claim my photography has a particular style.  It has evolved over time and continues to do so. Classical, photo-journalistic or documentary, my work blends elements of all these styles and probably more.  However it never strays from a foundation of good lighting, expressions and composition. Elegant, touching, fun and timeless are some of the keywords I would use to describe my approach to wedding photography.

Here is some of my recent work. Do enjoy looking through these galleries.



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